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Ten Top Tips for Using Your Inhalers

You may have been given advice on how to use your inhaler when you first were given them at your GP practice, in hospital or by a visiting respiratory nurse, but you've forgotten what they said. We offer you some helpful advice that may improve your inhaler technique and enable you to get the best relief /results from your inhalers. We hope to add more to this section in time, so let us now what you want to know by contacting us via our Contact link.

Patient Information on Spirometry:

Have you been sent an appointment for lung function tests and wondered what it entails? Find out some of the basics of what your tests will be like, what we are measuring, what do the results mean and what do you need to know about before you get there?

What is Spirometry?

A spirometer is a device which measures the amount of air that you can blow out. There are various spirometer devices made by different companies, but they all measure the same thing. They all have a mouthpiece that you use to blow into the device. A physiologist or nurse may ask you to blow into a spirometer ('spirometry') if you have chest or lung symptoms.